Flex vehicle

Oncology transportation services

With the help of the Converse County Hospital Foundation, Cameco, the Ford Foundation, Greiner Motors and Memorial Hospital of Converse County, the Ambassadors now have an extension of their Care Ride program. This new free service escorts patients from Douglas to Rocky Mountain Oncology in Casper for treatment. This vehicle is an exclusive transportation service to Rocky Mountain Oncology only.

The oncology vehicle runs from 8 a.m. through 4 p.m., Monday to Friday. If you are interested in using this service, have questions or are interested in driving the vehicle, please contact Frank Wiederrecht at 307.358.2122, ext. 1981 or fwiederrecht@mhccwyo.org.

MHCC Ambassadors Take New Delivery

Cameco, Ford Foundation, and Greiner Motors joined Converse County Hospital Foundation for the community dedication at Memorial Hospital of Converse County.

Thanks to our generous donors and fabulous volunteer drivers, we have a beautiful 2014 Ford Flex to transport oncology patients to their treatment appointments in Casper.

On Monday, July 14, at 10 a.m., we gathered together with Cameco and Rocky Mountain Oncology to dedicate and celebrate the collaborative efforts of our organizations. Our Cameco guests included Ken Vaughn, manager of U.S. Communications; Mike Beshore, manager of Reclamation; and Brent Berg, president of Resources. Stacey Ziedler and Meaghan Hennings from Rocky Mountain Oncology were also in attendance. Converse County Hospital Foundation chairperson and vice-chairperson Merritt Harris and Gerry Loader joined the party. Gay Bolln, Arlene Eckland-Earnst, and Bob Kayser represented the Foundation. Our volunteer drivers made the first patient transportation ride immediately following the celebration.

Mission statement

Build a strong financial foundation to promote and ensure the continued growth of quality healthcare in Converse County.