Fifty Families


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Fifty Families is a special group of families who understand and support the mission of the Converse County Hospital Foundation. Thank you to our current Fifty Families members! (Fifty Families Donations are a monthly/quarterly giving contribution or a one-time gift of $1,200 or more annually.)

Current Fifty Families Members:

Misti Bachus
Andrew & Marissa Beard
Gay Bolln
Casey & Melissa Bulkley
Jay & Linda Butler
Dr. Craig & LeeAnn Capron
The Cobb Family
Becky Costantino
Jim & Tammy Cussins
Rod Cross & Mary Julia Wilson
Matt & Maria Dammeyer
Barbara Dilts
Rhonda Dilts
Jason & Breonna Emmert
Kurt & Dr. Deeanne Engle
Dana & Bobbe Fitzhugh
Andrew & Dr. Sandra Gebhart
Ross & Biff Gorman
Mark Goodrich
Dr. Jonathan & Jackie Grosdidier
Dr. Joseph Gutman
Toni Harms
Lee & Cari Igo
Don Irwin
Julie & Ken Johnson
Bob & Jerry Kayser
Victor Le Gloahec
Chuck & Lisa Mangus
Jason & Jenne Miller
David & Alodie Moore
Frank & Elaine Moore
Jim & Georgia Moore
Keith & Macey Moore
Todd & Angela Moore
Vern & Tami Moore
John & Charla Morton
Terry & Corwyn Moss
Art & Catherine Nicholas
Jim & Susan Odone
Michael & Doris Ottersbach
Dave & Lisa Patterson
Chase & Calley Plumb
Mark & Jenn Rinn
Dr. Joe Schoeber
Dr. Eric & Donna Schubert
Christopher & Brittanie Sharp Family
Robert & Janella Short
Kathryn Skuza MD & John Needham
Clint & Felicia Smith
Phil Tigert
Diemer & Susie True
Matt & Dr. Ashley Ullrich
Jim & Deb Walker
Dr. Doug & Missy White
Jim & Dorothy Willox
Jim & Tione Willox


Consider joining Converse County Hospital Foundation’s Fifty Families and help us continue the tradition of caring that is close to home. By joining this special group, your family helps ensure that Memorial Hospital of Converse County continues to provide the best in healthcare services for the communities it serves.  This is a gift restricted to Memorial Hospital of Converse County.

Mission statement

Build a strong financial foundation to promote and ensure the continued growth of quality healthcare in Converse County.